Jelani - The Extravaganza

  • Artist: Jelani
  • Track: The Extravaganza
  • Producer: Durkin
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

It’s not uncommon for a rapper to want to flex their lyrical muscles from time to time. Emcees have long set out challenge for themselves when it comes to rhyme scheme or topic, and those who succeed push the envelope of lyricism further. Jelani tackles this task on his newest stand alone single The Extravaganza in which he seeks to create a song using “Ex” as many times as possible. Produced by Durkin , the beat is built around samples from Joe Cocker’s The Letter, centralizing on the song’s really fantastic brass work. Jelani’s first verse explores his exchange with a woman, with the second verse discussing why he deserves the listener’s respect, and the final verse justifying the experiment used within the track. Jelani’s flow is continuously impressive, but the true highlight of the track is the usage of an extended vocabulary - something that can never be done too much in today’s hip-hop.