Chief Rapier - A Million and One Ways

  • Artist: Jet Audio
  • Track: A Million and One Ways
  • Producer: Jet Audio
  • Album: Truly Yours (The Mixtape)

When a jet airplane flies overhead, its sound barrier-breaking noise will almost certainly send shockwaves through your body. When producer Jet Audio creates beats, inspired by 90’s hip-hop and good ‘ol Saturday morning cartoons, he tries to achieve similar results. Doing his part to bring back the traditional MC and producer alliance, Jet has teamed up with fellow New York City native Chief Rapier for the Truly Yours mixtape; the first single A Million and One Ways shows Rapier breathing some life into the stale paper-chase, as Jet concocts a brand new sound that can be described in a variety of ways (old, new, fresh, easygoing – pick one). If you're looking for A Million and One Ways to see how your body responds to audio experimentation, download Jet Audio and Chief Rapier's Truly Yours mixtape, available for free on Jet's official website.



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