Jez Dior - Relapse

  • Artist: Jez Dior
  • Track: Relapse
  • Producer: Danny Score
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Recently, Jez Dior hit three million listens on SoundCloud, a milestone he... acknowledged with the release of a brand new loosie. I was about to write “celebrated”, but there's really nothing celebratory about Relapse, a harrowing jam that describes the Los Angeles buzzmaker's turn (back) to drugs after being emotionally devastated by a series of tragedies that struck his family. Danny Score crafts an instrumental backdrop as disquieting as the record's subject matter, mixing spare synth arpeggios with eerie, studio-tweaked vocal samples. Though this record isn't part of anything larger, fans can hear more from Jez Dior on his latest project, The Funeral EP.