Jim Jones ft. Akon & Sand - Clack Clack

  • Artist: Jim Jones
  • Track: Clack Clack ft. Akon & Sand
  • Feat. Akon
  • Producer: DJ Green Lantern
  • Album: Unreleased

In recent months, we've heard quite a few R&B singers use onomatopoeia to set a sultry mood; on Jim Jones latest feature, however, the Dipset emcee reminds us that lyrical sound effects can also be pretty damned intimidating. For example, if you hear the Clack Clack of Jones' Tec-9, a romantic evening is probably not in the cards (unless you find mortal danger a turn-on), and you'd be well served to heed the advice of hookman Akon: “Just cooperate and you will walk away.” Guest emcee Sand steps in to provide moral support on his hard-nosed second verse and DJ Green Lantern sets an appropriately menacing mood, lacing his downtempo production with clattering cymbals and synth arpeggios. Despite big-name assistance on the beat and chorus, Clack Clack didn't make it onto the Pray IV Reign tracklist—it should, however, whet listeners' appetites for the LP's March 24th release.