Jim Jones - Love Me No More

  • Artist: Jim Jones
  • Track: Love Me No More
  • Album: Harlem's American Gangster

Jim Jones new single is entitled Love Me No More, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Koch and Columbia love Jones so much, they inked him to a 50/50 deal that is worth a few Benjamin’s. The single is the first release off Jones’ interestingly titled new project, Harlem’s American Gangster. Apparently, the Harlem native is appalled at rival Jay-Z’s decision to release an album modeled after life in Harlem, New York. (Hova is a native of Brooklyn, New York.) While Jones’ stated last week that “Cam’ron isn’t on Mars,” he also revealed that a corresponding video for Love Me No More will hit the airwaves in about a month. Harlem’s American Gangster is set to drop next year.