Joe Budden - Alive

  • Artist: Joe Budden
  • Track: Alive
  • Producer: DJ Pain1
  • Album: Some Love Lost EP

Joe Budden's love life may be as f**ked up as ever, if lead EP single OLS4 is any indication. On the bright side, though, he's still Alive and kicking. As far as silver linings go, that's a fairly thin one, so it should come as surprise that single numero dos also finds the Garden State mainstay delving into his strained relationship with an old flame. Over a pensive, understated beat by DJ Pain1, the artist documents his struggle to keep his friends close, his enemies closer, his ex at arm's length and pills and liquor out of reach. Some Love Lost, the official prelude to forthcoming full-length All Love Lost, is slated to drop via eOne next Tuesday, November 4.