Joe Budden ft. Redman - New Jersey Drive

  • Artist: Joe Budden
  • Track: New Jersey Drive ft. Redman
  • Feat. Redman
  • Album: Mood Muzik 3 (Mixtape)

UPDATE: "New Jersey Drive" is no longer available to stream.

It bodes well for New Jersey reppin' MC, Joe Budden, that his partner in crime on the new cut New Jersey Drive has actually put out a studio album during the current calendar year. With the release of Red Gone Wild, Redman ended a six year album hiatus. Not heard from, other than through his Mood Muzik mixtape series, Joe Budden has had his sophomore album The Growth significantly delayed on numerous occasions. If his performance on New Jersey Drive is any indication however of what his return has in store, it'll be just what the Doc ordered.