Joe Budden - Who (Pt. 1)

  • Artist: Joe Budden
  • Track: Who (Pt. 1)
  • Producer: Blastah Beatz
  • Album: Unreleased

Over the last few months, Joe Budden has been quite busy with interviews. While promoting his past MM3 release and his long-overdue, much-anticipated sophomore album, Padded Room, the Jersey native has been asked by many if “hip hop is dead?” On the newly-leaked track, Who (Pt. 1), Jumpoff Joey reformats the question and provides a detailed response. Dissecting who killed hip-hop and when it occurred, the veteran emcee points the finger at the Reggaeton sensation, the auto-tune takeover, the popularity of snap music, and songs that have spurned dances (amongst a plethora of other, just as important possibilities). Providing the platform for Budden’s State of the Genre address is Portugal producer Blastah Beatz, who reworks Marvin Gaye’s sultry classic, Inner City Blues. Look for Pt. 2 later this week…