Joe Hound ft. Dre - Connect Boy

  • Artist: Joe Hound
  • Track: Connect Boy ft. Dre
  • Feat. Dre
  • Producer: Cool & Dre
  • Album: Misery Loves Company

Up and coming rapper, Joe Hound, knows how to use his connections. Born and raised in the North Miami area, Hound hooked up with production duo Cool & Dre and convinced them enough to get himself a record contract with Epidemic Records. While he awaits a solid release date for his debut, Misery Loves Company, Hound is grinding like a dog in the studio with his bosses. The newest record from the three talents is Connect Boy. Hound rhymes, "I could put you on, I could get you offed." The modesty is impressive, but without the presence of a radio single, it is doubtful he posses such ability. Or does he?