Joell Ortiz - Bout My Money

  • Artist: Joell Ortiz
  • Track: Bout My Money
  • Producer: Needlz
  • Album: Free Agent (The Album)

Ever since his release from Aftermath/Interscope, Joell Ortiz has worn his "Free Agent" status proudly, both as a sign of self-sufficiency and a call for labels better able to handle him. For now, the Brooklynite is planning to release his sophomore album (also called Free Agent) on E1 Music (formerly known as Koch Records, the label by which he released his critically-acclaimed debut). Though the title of his new single, Bout My Money, might worry longtime fans, Joell explains in the intro that "this is... that recession music right here!" Throw Joell's aggressive lyricism over Needlz' brass-synth-organ beat and you have a radio hit without the 'sellout' aftertaste. Free Agent (The Album) is set to hit stores and online retailers this summer.