Joell Ortiz - CRACK SPOT


As its title suggests, Joell Ortiz's latest album, House Slippers, is intended to be an intimate and comfortable listening experience—the next best thing to kicking it with the Slaughterhouse emcee in the comfort of his own home. Evidently, though, Ortiz has a slightly different idea of what “feels like home” than many listeners, myself included. On the set's latest single, featured in conjunction with an unknown director's brand new visuals, the Northeastern mainstay invites us to chill at the local CRACK SPOT as he cooks up a batch of fresh product. Gnyus provides an appropriately gritty instrumental backdrop for his bars. Feeling it? Then what are you waiting for? Run to your nearest record store or online retailer to cop Ortiz's junior solo set, out as of September.