Joell Ortiz - PHONE

  • Artist: Joell Ortiz
  • Track: PHONE
  • Producer: The Heatmakerz

On his last single, Joell Ortiz took us on a tour of his local CRACK SPOT. After that grittiness, fans may be surprised to hear that the follow-up is “a story about love.” Don't be fooled, though; for those who've been burned in romantic relationships, however, this cut is likely to be an even more harrowing listen than its predecessor. Over a soulful, sampled beat by The Heatmakerz, the East Coast mainstay describes the tragic events that ensue when, suspicious of his girl's shady behavior, a loving father and family man goes through her PHONE for evidence of infidelity. Featured along with visuals by New Vision, this cut can be found on Ortiz's House Slippers LP, out now in stores and online.