JohnNY U. ft. Bee Areefa - Endless Summer

  • Artist: JohnNY U.
  • Track: Endless Summer
  • Producer: KDaGreat
  • Album: Higher.Intelligence.Giving.Hints

Not quite ready to say goodbye to summertime? This may be cold comfort for those of y'all who are back in school but, reckoning meteorologically, we still have a good couple weeks left before fall begins. You could hardly ask for a better soundtrack to the season's waning days than Endless Summer, the latest single from JohnNY U. Making its world premiere right here in the Booth, this cut finds NYC buzzmaker waxing poetic about bonfires, whirlwind romances and other favorite warm-weather pastimes. Singer Bee Areefa jumps on KDa Great's lush, keyboard-led beat to deliver a wistful hook. For this breezy banger and much more, check out JohnNY U.'s Higher.Intelligence.Giving.Hints tape, dropping at an as-yet unscheduled date this autumn.