Jonathan Emile ft. Kendrick Lamar - Heaven Help Dem

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The huge amount of publicized police brutality and urban violence in 2014, left many with heavy hearts coming into the new year. The wounds left by the Ferguson and Eric Garner tragedies won't be healed with time, but they are alleviated by keeping their legacies alive and not keeping silent about the issues. Booth Newcomer Jonathan Emile is lending his voice to these issues, singing to the skies on his new single, Heaven Help Dem. Hailing from Negril, Jamaica, Jonathan wears many hats, he raps, he sings R&B, even Reggae is intertwined in his artistry. He draws from all these genres to get a powerful message across, providing commentary on social issues. Surprisingly, Kendrick Lamar is featured on the heartfelt single. His views have been a huge topic on Twitter, we're sure that his verse will be added into the conversation. His contribution sounds closer to "Section80" than i, a powerful verse nonetheless. Jonathan will surely make noise with his fearless, self-produced offering. We're interested in what else he will be providing in the future.