Josh Sallee - Switch Lives

  • Artist: Josh Sallee
  • Track: Switch Lives
  • Producer: JCBeatz

Ever wish you could spend a day in another person's skin? It's too bad scientists haven't perfected the technology necessary to transplant minds from one body to another, because Oklahoma City buzzmaker Josh Sallee would be down to Switch Lives with you. Released along with some arresting visuals by Lord Van Osdol, the lead single off the unsigned rhymesayer's next full-length finds him fantasizing about what might have been, had he not chosen to pursue his dreams of rap stardom. The first thing he'd do, if he got the chance to live life as someone else? Easy—he'd cop a ticket to one of his own shows. Producer JCBeatz backs the artist's introspective bars with midtempo percussion, hazy synths and ethereal backing vocals. Fans will be able to find Switch Lives and much more on Sallee's KNØW SOCIETY LP, scheduled to drop independently this Sunday, February 23.