Josh Xantus - CPR

  • Artist: Josh Xantus
  • Track: CPR
  • Producer: Trendsettaz
  • Album: Can I Live

If relationships were simple, a whole lot of R&B singers would be out of a job. In reality, of course, they're often volatile and messy— great material for a hit record. On his third Booth feature, the classically-trained up-and-comer tackles the uncomfortable situation of leaving a girl who did him wrong, only to realize that she may not be able to survive without him. Asking somebody, anybody to provide her with emotional CPR, Xantus turns out a cut quite a bit darker than his sunny debut single, Let's Ride. With heavily-Autotuned vocals and a synth-driven instrumental by Trendsettaz, CPR may not showcase the unconventional musical stylings Xantus promised in his exclusive interview last December, but as a demonstration of the singer's willingness to venture into heavy, emotional territory, it should have listeners wondering what else he has in store on his forthcoming debut LP, Can I Live.