JR Writer - Kill the Beat

  • Artist: JR Writer
  • Track: Kill the Beat
  • Producer: Da Zombeez
  • Album: Writer's Block 6 Mixtape

Last November, when our own Nathan S. reviewed JR Writer's Writer's Block 5 mixtape, his reaction was overwhelmingly positive; he acclaimed the project as a “strong effort from a mid-major artist who's trying to get to the next level.” One year later, Writer’s effort is still as strong as ever-- the follow-up, Writer's Block 6, is set for release in early '09. On his newest feature, Writer is ready to Kill The Beat with his punchline-filled flow and electric energy. So, who are the bereaved producers? None other than Da Zombeez , whose Frankenstein sample in the opening and keyboard loop throughout prove they've still got their brains. OK, you've probably read enough of my corny puns… feel free to perform your own autopsy on this slaughtered beat.