JSWISS - Monopoly

  • Artist: JSWISS
  • Track: Monopoly
  • Producer: AltAir
  • Album: Nostalgia

I've never been a fan of the board game Monopoly; it takes forever and, before it's over, the players invariably end up at each other's throats. JSWISS's new feature by that title, however, couldn't be more different. It's short and sweet, clocking in at a brisk three minutes and 42 seconds, and its mellow vibe is designed to set heads nodding, not spur friends and family members to physical violence. Backed by AltAir's idyllic samples, the Dobbs Ferry repper shakes his head at the atmosphere of falsehood that makes his realness seem exceptional: “I get lauded for honesty in my messages / Shouldn't get points for the truth, should be expectin' it.” On the hook, DeeJay Element flips samples from De La Soul's The Grind Date, Felt's Early Mornin Tony and more. For fresh cuts from a variety of buzzmaking artists, check out Ok-tho.com's Nostalgia compilation, slated to drop digitally in the near future.