Ju' Malone - Let Me Go

  • Artist: Julian Malone
  • Track: Let Me Go
  • Producer: Ju' Malone
  • Album: DIFF.RNT

Chi-town rapper/producer Julian Malone kicked off his 2013 by declaring that he didn't Give a Eff. Now, the BRKF$T CLUB emcee is back to prove it with freshly-minted mixtape single Let It Go. The first hint of non-f**k-giving comes before the song even begins: in defiance of listener expectations, he's dropped two-thirds of his first name to become Ju' Malone. That same devil-may-care attitude runs through his verses; over his own hazy, slow-burning production, the artist brushes aside fear and other limiting emotions to fully revel in his flyness. Narcisstic? Perhaps—but now that the rhymesayer's succeeded in turning off his inhibitions, there's no telling what he might accomplish. If you're feeling it, you can expect more bangers on Malone DIFF.RNT tape, dropping digitally October 1.