Justin Garner - Love You Long Time

  • Artist: Justin Garner
  • Track: Love You Long Time
  • Producer: Kenna Okoye
  • Album: TBD

When Stanley Kubrick and company were writing Full Metal Jacket, I doubt they were working under the assumption that (arguably) the film's most lasting mark on pop culture would come courtesy of walk-on character “Da Nang Hooker,” who propositions a U.S. Marine by announcing, “Me so horny, me Love You Long Time.” Famously flipped by 2 Live Crew and Sir Mix-a-Lot, that immortal line gets put to an unusually seductive use on this cut, the latest promo single from Justin Garner. Backed by Kenna Okoye's time-tested chord progression and handclap-driven percussion rhythm, the rising soul star makes his most direct assault on pop-accustomed eardrums to date, exhibiting some characteristically impressive vocal chops as he lets a special girl know exactly what's gonna happen if she comes 'round his way. (And ladies will be happy to hear that, unlike the character he's quoting, he won't even be charging for his services.) Will this tunefully seductive selection be Garner's ticket to Hitsville? You tell me. Whatever your verdict, you can keep it locked to you-know-where for all the latest from this talented up-and-comer.