K. Michelle - How Do You Know?

  • Artist: K. Michelle
  • Track: How Do You Know?
  • Producer: Timothy Bloom
  • Album: AWBAH

Love's got an enemy now,” and her name is K. Michelle. In the wake of numerous disappointments in the dating arena (the latest of which she detailed on this month's Maybe I Should Call), the R&B songstress has sworn off romance altogether, according to freshly-released single How Do You Know?. Producer Timothy Bloom mans the boards on the poignant ballad, serving up a gentle, keyboard-led beat as the artist laments her consistently sh*tty luck with the opposite sex. AWBAH (Anyone Wanna Buy a Heart?), Michelle's sophomore set, is slated to drop December 9. Those who pre-order it in the meantime will receive this cut, Maybe I Should Call and Love Em All as instant, free downloads.