K. Michelle - Love 'Em All

  • Artist: K. Michelle
  • Track: Love 'Em All
  • Producer: Robert Shea Taylor
  • Album: A.W.B.A.H.

Some people are built for monogamy. K. Michelle evidently ain't one of them. On Love 'Em All, single numero uno off her next studio album, the Atlantic songstress admits without shame to breaking men's hearts on a regular basis. Backed by Robert Shea Taylor's midtempo synth production, she shakes her head at her lovers' naïveté: “Why can't they understand? Sex is irrelevant. / Just a game in my head that I'm playing, and I'm winning.” Fans will be able to find this smooth, playeristic cut and much more on sophomore album A.W.B.A.H. (The meaning of the acronym has yet to be revealed.), which is currently unscheduled.