K. Michelle - Maybe I Should Call

  • Artist: K. Michelle
  • Track: Maybe I Should Call
  • Producer: Eric Hudson
  • Album: AWBAH

There are few things more depressing than knowing that the guy or girl you love is fixing to settle down and start a family with somebody else. Soul songstress K. Michelle recently learned that a man in her life is expecting a baby with another woman. Rather than curling up with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and crying it out, though, she's considering ringing him up and staking her claim on his heart: “I love him, I love him I love him, I love him... Maybe I Should Call.” Eric Hudson provides an understated piano instrumental to accompany her as she weighs the pros and cons of reaching out. Fans will be able to find this poignant cut, the reader-acclaimed Love Em All and much more on Michelle's AWBAH LP, scheduled to hit record stores and online retailers Tuesday, December 9.