K-Salaam & Beatnik ft. Young Buck & Sizzla - Babylon Must Be Mad


For decades, the Rastafarian culture has been commonly associated with reggae music. A part of this culture is the ancient city of Babylon, which has taken on a new meaning over the years as a metaphor for an oppressive power structure. Playing off this premise are producers K-Salaam & Beatnick, who have teamed up with reggae veteran Sizzla to create a song that represents the people's feelings: Babylon Must Be Mad. Further extending the movement is headline rapper Young Buck, who reminds listeners that both reggae artists and rappers have the same set of values and together should be uniting all the world's street soldiers. While Babylon Must Be Mad at these cultures bridging, the DJ Booth couldn't be happier to witness the unity. K-Salaam & Beatnik's Whose World Is This? is out in stores now.