K. Sparks - Jazz Theory

  • Artist: K. Sparks
  • Track: Jazz Theory
  • Producer: Kurser
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Given the kind of beats Booth fave K. Sparks habitually spits over, he's more qualified than the vast majority of rappers to teach a course on Jazz Theory. With that said, the Queens representative's latest jam isn't likely to turn the listener into John Coltrane; Sparks's rhymes this time 'round are more geared toward thought-provoking verbal pyrotechnics than straightforward knowledge-dropping—which I have a feeling will suit his fans in the Booth just fine. To accompany his characteristically skillful bars, frequent collaborator Kurser serves up an organ-led instrumental with a mellow, laid-back vibe. If this loosie's left you craving more, why not take a(nother) listen to K. Sparks's last project, indie full-length Vintage Art?