K. Sparks - Needs vs. Wants

  • Artist: K. Sparks
  • Track: Needs vs. Wants
  • Producer: D. Roof
  • Album: Manic Mondays Series (#2)

The battle of Needs vs. Wants is basic economics. While recording artists might want the money and support of a major label, in the music industry’s current climate, they don’t need help from “the man.” Similarly, once an artist signs a record deal and receives a small advance, they might want to purchase diamond-encrusted bling, a new Bentley, or a yacht (see Scott Storch), but they really don’t need any of those material goods. It is these issues that are on display in the second edition of rapper K. Sparks' Manic Mondays series. "In life we are faced with two choices. Some individuals choose wants and neglect to meet their needs because they are more concerned with what they appear to be, instead of what they really are," explains the emcee. Sparks provides his thought-provoking lines over a jazz/blues beat from producer D Roof.