K. Sparks - Nostalgic

  • Artist: K. Sparks
  • Track: Nostalgic
  • Producer: Moe Productions
  • Album: Manic Mondays (#7)

In the dictionary, the word “nostalgic” is defined as “unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons.” If you ask a hip-hop listener what they long for the most, you might hear “1995” or, maybe, “1998.” Either way, there is no doubt about it: we are well past the golden years of rap music. So, what is a loyal hip-hop enthusiast to do? We suggest closing your eyes (after you finish this insightful read) and listening to K. Sparks' newest Manic Mondays feature, Nostalgic. After convincing yourself that you are in fact not inside a cocktail lounge at a fancy downtown restaurant, you’ll soon realize that this mellow, hookless record, courtesy of Moe Productions, is compelling evidence that it may not be necessary to long for hip-hop's past after all.