K. Sparks - #Trendy

  • Artist: K. Sparks
  • Track: #Trendy
  • Producer: Kurser
  • Album: None (Promo Snigle)

Having recently liberated his latest full-length, Vintage Art, K. Sparkscould kick back and take a richly-deserved vacation. But the Queens representative isn't the type to relax when there's sh*t that needs to be said. On this new promo single, a slightly belated response to the Michael Brown killing, Sparks bemoans the public's tendency to get fired up about a topic for 15 minutes, then move on to the next #Trendy topic. Backed by Kurser's shapeshifting sample work, he side-eyes those who let the ice-bucket challenge distract them from the much more pressing issues of police brutality and institutional racism, and urges us to show a little consistency in our commitment to social justice. (You can always start by making a donation to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund.) Though this joint isn't part of a larger project, fans can hear more on Sparks's latest LP, available for streaming and purchase right here in the Booth.