KaliRaps - Spread My Wings - DJBooth

KaliRaps - Spread My Wings

  • Artist: KaliRaps
  • Track: Spread My Wings
  • Producer: Clyde Strokes
  • Album: Hats Off

The bird that most closely resembles a rapper is the chicken. Not because an emcee is scared (though that applies in some cases), but rather no matter how hard they try, some careers just never take flight. Cali-born artist KaliRaps, however, would most likely be an eagle, as his career looks to be soaring upwards, especially with his new video single. On Spread My Wings the current Lowell, Massachusetts resident flies high, using an aggressive, passionate flow to cover topics ranging from his daily schedule to his abusive father. Kali’s passion resonates on this introspective cut, which is assisted by producer Clyde Strokes' synth heavy boardwork. Like August’s Summertime, Spread My Wings can be found on KaliRaps’ digital album, Hats Off, out now via iTunes.