Kanye West ft. Lil' Wayne - Barry Bonds

  • Artist: Kanye West
  • Track: Barry Bonds ft. Lil' Wayne
  • Feat. Lil Wayne
  • Producer: Nottz
  • Album: Graduation

Originally Kanye West stated that there would be zero rap features on his new album, Graduation. It seems as though Mr. West has had a small change of heart (or he lied). Already working with Weezy on his new album, The Carter III, Ye' convinced the most in-demand artist of 2007 to jump on a track. The reference of course is to a tiny little record that was broken last week in San Francisco (if you don't know what I am talking about, please remove the rock from on top your body). Infamous home run king Barry Bonds is the subject at hand and just like Bonds when he hit 73 dingers in one season, Wayne essentially came out of nowhere to crash the industry party two years ago.



JAY-Z was Supposed to be Featured on Kanye‘s “Barry Bonds”

Just weeks before the release of 'Graduation,' Kanye West dropped a nugget that has remained hidden in plain sight.