Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy - Cant Tell Me Nothing (Remix)

  • Artist: Kanye West
  • Track: Cant Tell Me Nothing (Remix) ft. Young Jeezy
  • Feat. Jeezy
  • Producer: Kanye West
  • Album: Graduation

Most artists who have large egos often trip out after an immediate bout of success. Others, without good reason, start their career long "I'm Cocky" binge due to a one hit smash or highly acclaimed featured verse (that is if feature verses can be highly acclaimed.) Kanye West on the other hand doesn't care what you think and allows his fans to enjoy his ego trip along with him. This unique quality is on display on the remix to his street single, Cant Tell Me Nothing, featuring the background ad lib king, Young Jeezy. He doesn't care what you think of him, which is clear, however he might if that meant you weren't planning to pick up his brand new album when it drops; Graduation will be in stores and Online September 11th.