Kap Kallous ft. Persyce - Numb

  • Artist: Kap Kallous
  • Track: Numb
  • Feat. Persyce
  • Producer: Vikto Beats
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Is it just me, or did Thanksgiving weekend seem to go by in the snap of a finger this year? If you're not exactly overjoyed that it's already Monday, believe me, I feel you. But how's this for a silver lining: Panhandle State fave Kap Kallous is back on our front page with another exclusive world premiere. Here, a louche, slow-rolling synth instrumental by Vikto Beats accompanies Kap as he spits verses so cold they just might leave your ears Numb. Going Going GoneauteurPersyce contributes guest bars. Like what you're hearing? Then be sure to tune in next week—same bat time, same bat channel—for another quality loosie from Kap Kallous.