K.A.R. ft. Ace Hood - Girls Wanna Have Fun

  • Artist: K.A.R.
  • Track: Girls Wanna Have Fun ft. Ace Hood
  • Feat. Ace Hood
  • Producer: The Crew
  • Album: Joe Crack & Pistol Pete Present K.A.R.

When I read that K.A.R.'s latest single was titled Girls Wanna Have Fun, my first thought was, “Is this going to be a hip-hop reimagining of the Cyndi Lauper song?” followed immediately by “Didn't someone already do that?” As it turns out, the answers are, respectively, “No,” and, “Yeah, Cam'ron did.” What the record is, though, is a pretty good argument against those who'd claim the Fat Joe protégés don't have what it takes to achieve mainstream popularity—in addition to being an enjoyable listen, its also more marketable than anything we've heard from them thus far. As Rob Cash and Leader spit high-rolling game to a fun-loving female, The Crew surrounds their rhymes with glittering, club-friendly synths and midtempo percussion; Ace Hood even jumps on board for a Weezy-esque guest verse. Is this danceable sound K.A.R.'s ticket to success? You be the judge. For more from the up-and-coming group, grab your copy of their Joe Crack & Pistol Pete Present K.A.R mixtape when it drops May 5th.