Kat DeLuna - OMG! (Oh My God)

  • Artist: Kat DeLuna
  • Track: OMG! (Oh My God)
  • Producer: Khan (of Thaitanium)
  • Album: 9 Lives

The second single off Kat DeLuna’s debut album, 9 Lives, is Am I Dreaming; a song handpicked by the singer’s label, Epic Records. However, if the choice were up to the sexy songstress, the unreleased OMG! (Oh My God) would have been the selection. Produced by Khan (of Thaitanium), the song is a pure club rocker with an addictive beat, banging bass and catchy chorus; think David Banner’s Play meets Jennifer Lopez. After the moderate success of Whine Up, DeLuna should be thankful that her label has decided to give her another go around, regardless that she’d prefer a different option.