Keip.H - Don't Like Me Now

  • Artist: Keip.H
  • Track: Don't Like Me Now
  • Producer: Team Green [for Grindworks LLC]
  • Album: TBD

A native of Philadelphia, but currently a student at Washington D.C.'s Howard University, newcomer Keip.H has been surrounded most of his life by some of the Northeast's best emcees. Having recorded countless freestyles to sharpen his game, Keip is finally ready to take over the industry. On his first single, he puts together three uber-creative, simile-laced verses that warn others if they “Don't Like Me Now,” they'll really won’t once his career takes off. Adding a most unusual sound is Team Green (of Grindworks, LLC), who have exercised their right to use a xylophone in their production. Though the combination is odd and Don't Like Me Now won’t have an easy road to regional club hit, it will certainly have listeners talking.