KeithCharles Spacebar - Drink My Spit


When I read the title of KeithCharles Spacebar's latest feature, Drink My Spit, my initial thought was “No f**king thanks.” After giving it a listen, I'm still not in a hurry to knock back a glass of the ATL buzzmaker's saliva, but my revulsion's given way to admiration for his skills as an emcee, producer and filmmaker. Here, KC's own stark synth boardwork (complete with vocal samples Rick James's Superfreak and M.I.A.'s Bucky Done Gun) sets the stage for bars describing his very busy sex life. The artist's own official visuals round out the package. Fans can find Spit and much more on Keith's recently-released KEEP[COUNT] EP. Fans should keep it locked for details on the artist's yet-unscheduled forthcoming full-length, We're All a Little Bit Triflin'.