Kenny Shane ft. Ian Smith & Troy Ave. - Me and My Drink

  • Artist: Kenny Shane
  • Track: Me and My Drink
  • Feat. Troy Ave
  • Producer: Frank Fiorello
  • Album: The Gawn EP

Next time someone side-eyes you for drinking alone, tell them that there's no such thing. I mean, what constitutes “good company” if not a tall glass of beer or a strong cocktail? On new single and Booth debut Me and My Drink, East Coast emcee Kenny Shane enjoys a nightcap as he spits about his daily grind and nightly recreations. Ironically, this ode to tipsy solitude finds the headliner joined by a couple talented guests; NYC buzzmaker Troy Ave and Booth newcomer Ian Smith jump on Frank Fiorello's laid-back sample work to reflect on their own respective hustles. For more, cop forthcoming EP The Gawn when it drops independently on Wednesday, October 1.