Kev Decor - LV BN BRK

  • Artist: Kev Decor
  • Track: LV BN BRK
  • Producer: Kev Decor, LunÁtic
  • Album: LV BN BRK

Update: The official LO-KAL-directed visuals for Kev Decor's LV BN BRK single have been added.

Remember those viral “Sh*t X Says” videos that were popular about a thousand Internet years ago? Well, if I were to make one titled “Sh*t Rappers Would Never Say,” “I love bein' broke.” would be one of the very first lines. Improbably, though, that's exactly what Kev Decor claims on his latest Booth feature. (Apparently he doesn't love vowels, though, because he titled the record “LV BN BRK.”) Making its world premiere right here in the Booth, the Swamp Ass auteur's latest single sees him flaunting his off-the-wall flow as he recounts how he learned to stop giving a f**k and enjoy chronic financial insecurity. Together with LunÁtic, he cooks up a shapeshifting instrumental backdrop that's as unconventional as his rhyme style. LV BN BRK, also the title of the DJBooth-hosted project to which this joint will be attached, currently lacks a drop date. Guess you'll just have to keep it locked for the latest!