Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne - Let It Rock

  • Artist: Kevin Rudolf
  • Track: Let It Rock ft. Lil' Wayne
  • Feat. Lil Wayne
  • Producer: Kevin Rudolf
  • Album: In The City

You hear about it everyday. A star is born in the music industry; just yesterday they were a music executive, songwriter or record producer. Kevin Rudolf, on the other hand, has taken a much different path from behind-the-scenes to center stage. The former electric guitarist, who has supplied background chords for Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and David Banner among others, recently signed a record deal with Cash Money and Universal Republic. Bringing an authentic rock-n-roll sound to his music (please end all Shop Boyz comparisons now), Kevin is ready to Let It Rock on his lead single. Further interest is added to the project via the guest work of label mate, Weezy F. Baby, who blesses the record with his chameleon-like approach. Combined, the two artists form a mighty tandem that will appeal to a broad range of listeners. Kevin’s debut, In The City, is currently due out in October.