Khori? ft. Supa Bwe - Used to It

  • Artist: Khori⁴
  • Track: Used to It
  • Feat. Supa Bwe
  • Producer: Eden Colley
  • Album: Paradox EP

Khori-Four? Khori-to-the-Fourth-Power? I've gotta admit, when I first peeped Khori⁴'s stage name, the pronunciation had me perplexed. After experiencing his debut feature I'm none the wiser on the subject, but the song itself is so dope that I'm not in the mood to sweat the details. EP single Used to It is a left-of-center banger fueled by a shapeshifting Eden Colley beat. A stomping rhythm section transforms into a sinuous trap groove as the Windy City repper shows off his unique, melodic flow. Fellow Windy City repper Supa Bwe assists on the guest tip. Fans will be able to find Used to It and much more on the Paradox EP, set to drop digitally before fall's end.