Kid The Traveler - TUDAY

  • Artist: TRVLR
  • Track: TUDAY
  • Producer: Kid The Traveler, Max Dubel and Christian Walker
  • Album: TBD

If you go nuts for airy, synth-driven beats and unique flows, Kid The Traveler’sTUDAY might be tu much for you. For the record, I am aware of the spelling error; I was just getting into the spirit of this cut, the Orlando representative's debut DJBooth feature. If you don’t like it, tu bad for you. Here, Kid The Traveler teams up with co-producers Max Dubel and Christian Walker to create a unique, cloudy beat featuring a powerful snare. Kid ain’t no slouch on the mic, either. He impresses with a blunted, yet charismatic flow that perfectly complements the cushioned beat. This record is part of Kid's next project; unforTUnately, the set has yet to receive a title or drop date. As always, we'll keep you supplied with the latest singles and release details.