Killer Mike ft. C Bone & Slim Calhoun - Hoe’s

  • Artist: Killer Mike
  • Track: Hoe's ft. C Bone & Slim Calhoun
  • Producer: B Don [for DMG/Legend Factory Studio South]
  • Album: Underground Atlanta Compilation

Though Atlanta is currently mainstream hip-hop's biggest "industry city,” it also boasts a thriving underground scene. With the May 19th release of the Underground Atlanta Compilation, listeners worldwide will get a glimpse of this underrated but equally noteworthy side of A-Town. One cut off that album showcases the talents of three Aquemini/Purple Ribbon alumni: Killer Mike, C-Bone, and Slimm Calhoun. Before you cast judgment on Hoe's, consider that the word isn't being used to mean "loose woman," but rather "thing" (as in “Superman dat hoe"). Out of computer speakers, B Don [for DMG/Legend Factory Studio South]'s beat might sound rather boring, but, to quote Killer Mike's manager, "You need [sub]woofers to enjoy this track." If you're lucky enough to have a pair hooked up to the CPU, then you're going to LOVE this.