King Rosè ft. Cal Ripz & CRASHprez - Tales of the Rip

  • Artist: King Rosè
  • Track: Tales of the Rip
  • Producer: Frander
  • Album: Pushing My Luck

Craving some fresh music from a talented first-time featuree? I'll do you one—no, two—better. King Rosè is just one of three fresh faces to introduce themselves to our pages on his site debt, Pushing Your Luckand the record comes complete with some Booth-exclusive visuals courtesy of Guru Media Group. Over Frander's slow-rolling 6/8 production, the Kool Klux Klan flame-spitter is joined on the mic by fellow DMV representatives Cal Ripz and CRASHprez. For Tales and much more, cop the headliner's Pushing My Luck LP, out online as of October.