K'naan ft. MWafrica & M-1 - Soobax

  • Artist: K'NAAN
  • Track: Soobax ft. MWafrica & M-1
  • Producer: Track & Field
  • Album: The Dusty Foot Philosopher (Deluxe Ed.)

Don't strain yourself trying to figure out what K'naan is singing in his new single Soobax; some sections (including the chorus) are not in English. With a half African, half reggae beat to dance to, however, there is plenty besides the words to enjoy here. Featuring newcomer MWafrica and M-1 of Dead Prez, the song seems to speak out on the problems of the world without focusing on any specific one. As an example, one of the lines in the chorus translates roughly to, “You've spilled the blood so that it drains on the road." K'naan's new album, The Dusty Foot Philosopher, will be released in late June.