Kosi - Writers Block Pt. 1

  • Artist: Kosi
  • Track: Writers Block Pt. 1
  • Producer: Stephen Litombe
  • Album: OutTheBox

I’m sure all of you have experienced writer's block. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting down to pen something and simply being unable to make the words come out. I thought that Booth newcomer Kosi shared in my feelings, as his latest is called Writers Block Pt. 1. After listening to the record, however, I find it hard to imagine him at a loss for words. You can tell by his confident, relentless style that he rarely, if ever, has trouble thinking of things to say. Backed by a high-octane Stephen Litombe beat powered by a piercing string section, Kosi delivers lines like, "Kill your favorite rapper while he in his prime / he ain't Optimus," in a raw, aggressive flow. If the Georgia newcomer's sparked your interest with this cut, you'll be able to find more on his upcoming mixtape, OutTheBox.


How Do Artists Beat Writer's Block?

How Do Artists Beat Writer’s Block?

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