Kourvioisier - It Chose Us

  • Artist: Kourvioisier
  • Track: It Chose Us
  • Producer: Dre Rubio
  • Album: No Drive

Some emcees consider rapping a job. For Kourvioisier and his ilk, it's a calling. To paraphrase the chorus of the unsigned mic-wrecker's latest feature, (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!), they didn't choose the game; it chose them. If you don't believe he was born to rock the mic, a listen to LP single It Chose Us should set you straight. Here, Dre Rubio's vibrant jazz samples set the mood for relentlessly dope verses stressing Kourvioisier's deep dedication to the art of rhyme. Craving more? Then stay tuned for more singles from the lyrically gifted First in Flight State repper, leading up to the early-2015 release of his next album, No Drive.