KRBL Rebel Radio - Dust


If you have bad allergies like me, then you might be a little hesitant to press play on Dust, the first Booth feature from KRBL Rebel Radio. But I can assure you that, if you took your allergy medicine, you will be fine, because this promo single is nothing to sneeze at (unless your allergies happen to include authentic hip-hop). KRBL Rebel Radio, made up of Nieve (featured before with California), Noah King, and A-Dub (not featured on Dust), stay true to the record's title, choosing a dusty, jazzy instrumental by Soulchef as their foundation. Over the sampled beat, King and Nieve blow off a little steam, addressing everything from the school system’s flaws to their issues with the rap game of today. While they might be angry, the emcees' passionate flows sound right at home over the smooth production. If Dust has piqued your interest, more new music can be found on KRBL Rebel Radio’s self-titled album, which was released earlier this month.