KXNG CROOKED - Freestylin' Under Oath

  • Artist: KXNG CROOKED
  • Track: Freestylin' Under Oath
  • Producer: Tabu
  • Album: Sex, Money & Hip-Hop

Some days, I wonder why rappers are so quick to confuse their fans by cavalierly adopting new stage names. This is one of those days, thanks to Long Beach vet Crooked I—sorry, KXNG CROOKED. At the same time, I can't fault the man for following his heart. After all, that same creativity and spontaneity gave birth to Freestylin' Under Oath, an off-the-cuff mixtape cut that features Crook spitting candidly about his growth from a young'n with big dreams into a rapper worthy of rubbing shoulders with Dr. Dre (among many other topics). Tabu produces the cut's low-key, sampled backdrop. Fans will be able to find Freestylin' and much more on CROOKED's Sex, Money and Hip-Hop street album, due out December 16, via SMH Records.