L9 - We Ain't on That

  • Artist: L9
  • Track: We Ain't on That
  • Producer: Swade
  • Album: #WRECKTOBER

The last entry in L9's weekly WRECKTOBER series was significantly better than Alright. It earned a phenomenal 4.4-star average rating from our readers—just two-tenths of a star below the inaugural installment, Lost Boys. Will he make it a hat trick with numero tres? After giving We Ain't on That a listen, I think he just might. On this whip-ready selection, the STRT TRBL signee offers an rundown of the sh*t he and his clique are into—hustling, making money—as well as what they won't make time for—hating, fakery, et cetera. Swade's trap-style boardwork accompanies the artist's aggressive, agile bars. Feeling it? Then be sure to tune in next Monday for the thrilling conclusion of WRECKTOBER.