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Lafayette Stokely - Scared of Death

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  • Artist: Lafayette Stokely
  • Track: Scared of Death
  • Producer: Rob Yung
  • Album: Life's Journey

You know that feeling you get at the movies when the opening credits start and the music is super epic? Whether it’s a rap track playing during the start of The Hangover 3 or some dark piano riffs during the beginning of an indie film, intro music can set the tone for greater things to come. On today’s cinematic feature by Lafayette Stokely, we get that exact type of intro to his latest video with some dark piano riffs that eventually switch up to a more upbeat instrumental. Produced by Rob Yung, Scared of Death also builds in some back-thumping drums where Lafayette spits about some real life situations and mentions that although he isn't afraid of death, he’s grateful that he hasn't encountered it yet; a feeling we all can appreciate. The record's accompanying video features Stokely and his significant other, who come across a man in a black jacket who possibly represent Stokely’s inner demons, or perhaps death itself. To find out you'll just have to grab some popcorn and watch. Scared of Death can be found on Stokely’s latest project, Life’s Journey EP, out now.

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